Hygiene Team

Roberta Currier

Roberta has been with Bedford Dental Care since 2003, graduating from the dental hygiene program at New Hampshire Technical Institute in 2000. She continues to learn and improve on her practice by taking courses, and provides a high standard of care to her patients. Roberta enjoys family activities, camping and vacationing in Maine.

Jami Girard

Jami has been part of the Bedford Dental Care hygiene team since 1988. Previously, she worked in pediatrics and dental assisting for four years. She also has participated in several medical missions to Romania for dentistry. Jami loves helping people achieve great oral care. When not working four days a week, she enjoys gardening, skiing, entertaining and fitness.

Jen Kosky

Jen joined Bedford Dental Center in 2003 as a dental hygienist, previously working as a periodontal hygienist at the Naval Dental Clinic in San Diego. Her main focus is helping patients obtain optimal oral health through prophylactic oral hygiene treatment and education. She earned her associate degree in science, with a major in dental hygiene, at the New Hampshire Technical Institute in 1995 and holds a dental hygiene license in both California and New Hampshire. In her free time, Jen enjoys traveling, reading, skiing and the beach.

Vanessa Vanderheyden

Vanessa has been a member of the Bedford Dental Care team since 1998 and is a graduate of the University of Vermont dental hygiene program. In her spare time she enjoys golfing, skiing and running.

Karen Vogtle

Karen joined the Bedford Dental Care hygiene team in 2000. She moved to New Hampshire just prior to graduating in 1990 from the Forsyth School of Dental Hygiene in Massachusetts, where she earned an associate’s degree in science and a degree in dental hygiene. She chose a career in dental hygiene because of her childhood fear of the dentist and a desire to help others like her. Karen loves living in New Hampshire because of the beaches, mountains and hiking.